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About Me

My Background

Art to me has always been an amazing way to let time and space slip.  As a child it was not unusal for me to get completely lost into a sketch of a crocodile or trying to pause our family's VHS player and sit and draw for hours looking at a still scene of Jurassic Park.  The natural world has always had a magical lure and fine art is my way of transcending that.

My Medium

I use many different mediums, such as graphite pencil, acrylic paint, pastels and colored pencils to create emotional and dynamic wildlife art & dinosaur art (paleo art).  I fine that pencil, ink & acrylic mediums are the ones I'm most comfortable with and enjoy being able to pump in as much detail I can with.  Art and design (especially wildlife art & dinosaur art ) have always been a huge passion of mine.

My Inspiration

I enjoy hiking with our family dog in my spare time, re-discovering my childish imagination and sense of exploration with my two little children by visiting zoos and aquariums.  My beautiful wife has been a great inspiration for some of my pieces as well.  I love when I can successfully create a piece that can mirror the emotion I was trying to reflect.

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Tedesco Fine Art

1414 Blue Valley Drive, Middle Unit

(484) 546-6122

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